When we began fund-raising for the organ restoration the church had an elderly upright piano with one wheel missing! Not an ideal instrument for accompaniment and solo playing in fund-raising concerts and recitals. So we decided to raise money to buy a grand piano by presenting monthly coffee mornings but with a variety of ‘musical flavours’ – which became known as Musical Bites.

The concept of the musical bite coffee morning is simple – provide excellent beverages and cakes and fun musical activities on winter Saturdays. This brings in shoppers and attracts musicians of all ages who can play musical in a friendly, supportive and informal event.

Our church now has a grand piano and it is regularly used for both worship and recitals. We are continuing to present Bites to raise funds for the organ restoration.

The Bites involve the community in music making and sharing for amateurs and professionals, older and younger folk, experienced and beginner. Examples of Musical Bites include:

  • Beginner’s percussion
  • Choral - highlights from Handel’s Messiah
  • Beginner’s jazz
  • Sing along-a-lorra-songs
  • Brass, handbell and woodwind workshops,
  • Apprentice to the Band
  • mini organ recitals
  • singing and instrumental solos

We always welcome new ideas for Musical Bites, so if you have an idea for a Musical Bite – or would like a repeat of a Bite we’ve done before - please get in touch with David Scrutton or use the contact form.