We ring from a set of 37 Handbells (3 octaves) which belong to St. Mary and St. Giles Church. Each bell plays a note, which corresponds to a number and we use the numbers to write the music. There are various ways of producing Handbell music, but this method suits our group the best.

Throughout the year we have the chance to ring a full range of music and share it with others in churches, at gatherings, concerts, parties, and fetes. Our concerts for the Pipe Organ Fund are listed on this website.

We enjoy the challenges of Handbell ringing - we may look serious while playing, but that is because great concentration is required - we aim to have fun! Most people can ring a Handbell, no musical knowledge is required nor previous experience is necessary – but a sense of rhythm and a sense of humour are recommended!

All the children at St. Mary and St. Giles Church of England Junior School get an opportunity to ring handbells. Some have gone on to be part of our team.

We practise at All Saints Church, Calverton on Thursday evenings from 6.30 – 7.15pm. Give handbell ringing a try with our group – use the contact form or phone Lesley Salter on 07789 898847.