On Thursday 14th January St Mary & St Giles Church took delivery of the baby Grand Piano. We haven't raised all the necessary funds for it yet, but due to an anonymous interest free loan from a generous donor, we have been able to purchase it sooner rather than later, and it has arrived just in time for Musical Bite 4 - the brass workshop which takes place tomorrow morning (it will be used to accompany some pieces).

The snow did not prevent its safe entry to the church, as David, Andrew and Dave cleared the paths of the slushy stuff in preparation and were there to greet the MK Piano Workshop professionals who wheeled it into the church and set everything up. It has its own A-frame so is able to be wheeled about into different places in the church without damaging the beautiful font pavement and has a padded protective cover.

This evening, after Parish Singers, and while we set out tables for the Musical Bite, Andrew played the piano, followed by Shirley and I who both wanted to try it out, whilst Marian listened and wished she had learned to play too.

The Piano is a nearly new Reid Sohn.  It in perfect condition and sounds wonderful.  It will be used regularly for worship - in fact I know that it will be played on Sunday for one of the communion hymns.  In future, whilst work is being carried out on the Pipe Organ, it will be used when the organ cannot be played.  It will also greatly boost our fundraising efforts for both the Organ and the Church Restoration Funds, as we can now attract performers who are used to playing top class instruments in their concerts.   Our events calendar for this year has several such performances lined up - the organ fund website will be updated shortly with all the details.

Andrew took some photos of its arrival for those of us who weren't there to welcome it.