St Mary & St Giles Stony Stratford Willis Pipe Organ Restoration and Reach-out project

In 2014, after eight years of fundraising, we were fortunate to be awarded a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of £82,700 in 2014. This grant enabled us to commission the restoration work while we continue to fund raise for additional non-heritage items (new pipes and case work).

The grant enabled us not only to restore the organ, but also to research its history, produce learning resources, including a DVD, for all age groups, build a group of volunteers, and deliver community music and education programmes involving the restored organ.

We reported quarterly to the Heritage Lottery Fund on progress, evaluating what is going well and the lessons we learned from the project. Our reports are provided below and you can see more on the restoration work, history, learning resources, volunteering, music and education programmes in other parts of the site.

The project was successfully completed in March 2017 after we had submitted the final evaluation report (see below).  As part of the terms of the project, we undertook to maintain the organ for future generations so fundraising for organ maintenance is ongoing and the organ is used for fundraising for other projects and charities.

See the MK Citizen article at the end of the project Pipe Organ Restored in Three Year Project for Community (June 2017).

HLF Evaluation Report 31.03.2017

HLF OH-12-12352 Q11 evaluation Oct 2016 - Feb 2017

HLF OH-12-12352 Q10 evaluation Jul-Sep 2016

HLF OH-12-12352 Q9 evaluation Apr-Jun 2016

HLF OH-12-12352 Q8 evaluation Jan-Mar 2016

HLF OH-12-12352 Q7 evaluation Oct-Dec 2015

HLF OH-12-12352 Q6 evaluation Jul-Sep 2015

HLF OH-12-12352 Q5 evaluation Apr-Jun 2015

HLF OH-12-12352 Q4 evaluation Jan-Mar 2015

HLF OH-12-12352 Q3 evaluation Oct-Dec 2014

HLF OH-12-12352 Q2 evaluation Jul-Sep 2014

HLF OH -12-12352 Q1 evaluation Mar 2014 and Apr-June 2014