Maurice Cavanagh, Ian Facer and Julia Benham gave us a lovely evening in St Mary & St Giles Church on Saturday 6th March.  Their programme of music for Violin (Maurice), Trumpet (Ian) and Piano (Julia) meant that Julia played every piece, and there were some trio items.

The concert clashed with a musical event at Christ the Cornerstone Church but even so we had an audience of 37 people (plus the organ fund team), many of whom were not regular worshippers at our church.

The programme was as follows:

  • Voluntary for trumpet (Stanley) - Trumpet, Violin, Piano
  • Concerto in D for trumpet (Torelli) - Trumpet, Piano
  • Polonaise, opus 126 for Trumpet (Kuffner) - Trumpet, Piano
  • Sonata in A for Violin and Piano (Brahms)

Interval (with delicious refreshments served by Shirley and Jan)

  • Scherzo in C minor for Violin (Brahms) - Violin, Piano
  • Divertimento in D for trumpet (Fiala) - Trumpet, Piano
  • Softly awakes my heart, from Samson and Delilah (Saint-Saens) - Trumpet, Piano
  • Prelude in Db, op 28 no 15 "The Raindrop" (Chopin) - Piano
  • Prelude in A, op 28 no 7 (Chopin) - Piano
  • Sonata for Violin, opus 30 no 1, 2nd movt (Beethoven) - Violin, Piano
  • Rondo from the Trio for Piano, Violin & Trumpet (Hummel)

At the end of the concert my children presented Julia with flowers, and Ian and Maurice with a bottle of wine each to thank them for such a musical treat.  David S reminded everyone that we were raising money to pay for the baby Grand Piano and that there are several more concerts planned for the next few months.

David S has informed me that the total to be paid back on the piano loan from this concert is £250, with a further £20.21 going to the piano maintenance fund.  This means that we've now paid off 62% of the loan, which is great, considering we only started raising the piano money last October!

Our next concert on 27th March is for the Organ fund - it is called 'A postcard from Voice Versa' - everyone is very welcome to attend.