Today we had our annual duck race on the river running through the millfields near Stony Stratford. Not real feathered ducks (though there were some about, willing to be fed) but the yellow plastic variety. The wind was against us this year, so the ducks didn't go very far along the river. Eventually a duck was fished out with a net and declared the winner. The person who had 'bought' the duck promptly donated her winnings to the Organ fund.

This was one of those nice little unexpected happenings which is characteristic of people at our church (and probably at many others). It wasn't a large sum of money - the amount didn't matter, but as the event wasn't in aid of the organ fund (traditionally our young Christians do a Lent fundraiser stall and duck race on the same Saturday for a designated charity) I wasn't expecting the organ fund to benefit at all. Lots of small amounts of cash have quietly been building up the organ fund for the past 2 - 3 years, it sometimes seems like we are getting nowhere, but then when we add it all up, we feel as if we are making progress, which is really heartening, and is most definitely thanks to all those people who steadily make contributions at the various events we hold in our Parish.  So thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, and to all those who feel moved to support the organ in the future.