At our second last rehearsal this evening before the big concert on Saturday David announced that 255 vouchers have been sold, so there are only about 50 remaining. This means the church will be packed on the day (we are bringing in extra chairs) which is wonderful, not just for the point of view of having a large audience to sing to but also the benefit to the organ fund. So if you haven't yet purchased vouchers and want to attend, don't rely on turning up at the door on the day.  It seems that our advertising strategy has really paid off, for which David can be justifiably proud.

We had a useful rehearsal, though James is keeping us guessing about where each choir will finally be placed in the galleries for Spem in Alium - he tried out two different formations tonight and says he will make a final decision on Saturday at the last rehearsal. Everything has come together well, and it promises to be a really memorable concert, not least of all for the amount of team work that has gone into producing it.