Polina Gerasimenko and Alan Brett's Piano and Cello recital at 6.00 pm which followed the delicious cream teas in St Mary & St Giles Church was a bank holiday delight for the 90 people who came to listen on Monday 29th August. They started with Beethoven's Sonata for Cello and Piano No 2 in G minor Op 5 No 2 and straight away the audience knew they were in for a sumptuous musical feast. This was followed by Schumann's Fantasiestuke for Cello and Piano Op 73, or as Alan explained, although it was originally written for Clarinet, Cellists borrow repertoire from others because not so much is written for them. However, it seemed made for the cello, as Alan was able to bring through all the changes in character beautifully.  A short (non refreshment) interval followed (we had served cream teas all afternoon) then Polina took centre stage with Schumann's Fantasiestucke Op 12 which consisted of 8 pieces written by the composer for piano when only 27, and Polina's playing was able to take us all into Schumann's illusory dream world of imagination very convincingly.  She followed this with a masterly performance of Ravel's Une Barque Sur L'Ocean.  While the audience applauded enthusiastically, Alan joined Polina for some Chopin by way of an encore which was the perfect way to end a super concert.  Thank you Polina for offering the concert for the organ fund and to Alan for joining her to give such lovely music.

The afternoon cream teas which has preceded this wonderful music was very well attended and we were kept busy with requests for tea, coffee, squash, scones and cake from even before the official opening time of 3.30 pm.  I would like to thank everyone in the team who worked so steadily to make this successful, especially David S, Dai, Marian, Ellie and Rosie as well as Sylvia for providing jam and Shirley & May for providing scones.

After expenses, the grand total raised by the cream teas and recital was £568.50, with £187.50 of this gift aided.  This means we should be able to claim an additional £46.87 from tax, bringing the total raised by this Bank holiday event for the Organ Fund to £615.37.