Today's final musical bite of the 2009/10 winter season was a fitting end to the first series of fund raising coffee mornings for the baby Grand Piano fund.

Caz Wolfson did us proud with the wonderful percussion taster session.  25 people had signed up beforehand and every one turned up - 14 of these were children/teens and many were not members of the regular parish family.  Last night David S and Lesley brought the musical instruments from St Mary & St Giles Junior school because the music department was kind enough to loan us the kit for the day.  Caz also brought along her Marimba and Vibraphone and several other instruments, I brought the band's chime bar set and some people turned up with their own percussion too, so we had a fine choice.

Caz taught the group two pieces during the morning, but she started the session with rhythmic warm up before people tried out the instruments.  I spent the time taking photos and filming the action (and hope to post up some video on Youtube very soon).

As usual we ran the piano key raffle and a small cake stall as well as serving delicious cappuccino, tea and cakes for refreshing those who came to play and listen.  David S and Dave K went outside with a drum and a sandwich board during the morning to 'drum up' an audience from shoppers in Stony and at 11.30 pm people sat down to listen to the 'performance' with their beverages.  The group first played the marimba and chime bars, drums and shakers, then Caz played a solo on the marimba and another on the vibraphone, before the group finished off with a samba.

When we were tidying up, we also counted the cash and were delighted with a total of £434.55 towards the grand piano total.  A small amount of this cash has been put into the Piano Maintenance Fund, but we have now paid of 57% of the loan (£2,859.82), which is wonderful considering we only started raising money for the piano in October 2009.  We also have over £31,000.00 in the Pipe Organ Fund (we started fundraising for the refurbishment in 2006) and have plenty more events planned for this year to increase the value of both funds.

Thank you everyone who helped make today such an enjoyable success in so many ways, especially Caz and her dad, David S, Shirley, Dave, Dai, Marian, Sylvia, Fiona, Nina and Lesley. 

Don't forget to come to Bow, Blow & Chopin concert on 6th March in the church.