David has come up with another brainwave - Spem in Alium was his idea, and now we have the Musical Bites.  This is the Organ Fund group's version of the Church Coffee mornings, but with a musical twist.

Five Saturday mornings during the winter months have been earmarked for our Musical Bites.  They are as follows:

October 17th - Pull out all the Stops on our 3 manual Willis Pipe Organ

November 14th - Sing-along-a-Lorra-Songs

December 12th - A choral workshop directed by James Wharton

January 16th - A brass ensemble workshop led by Ian Facer and Julia Benham

February 20th - A percussion workshop led by Caz Wolfson

You can find out more about each event on the musical bites page however the basic principle is to provide people of all ages (children and adults) with a good musical experience whilst enjoying some delicious refreshments (soup, cappucino, filter/instant coffee, tea, juice, cakes and biscuits) during the morning.  It is also an opportunity to complete a pipe sponsorship form or make a donation to the Organ Fund.

The first of the Musical Bites is your chance to get to know the Willis pipe organ a bit better - it is an education morning along the lines of our recent education day for the Year 5 and 6 children of St Mary & St Giles CE Junior School - see http://www.musicforallsmsg.org/education-day-for-year-5-and-6/ and this time it is for everyone.  So take a break from your shopping in Stony for some refreshments and explore the pipe organ.  It will be played during the morning, including possibly by one of our young organ-scholars.  If you have sponsored a pipe, this is also an opportunity for you to pull the stop and push down the key to hear it.