"What a splendid morning". So said David S (the main organiser of the Musical Bite) in his email to committee members after the event. Our third season of Musical Bites got off to a flying start today with a 'gentle walk around the organ' which consisted of a talk by Richard Salter about the history and workings of our Willis pipe organ, with Jacob Collins providing musical demonstration of stops and actions, and later a mini recital by James Wharton and Jacob.  All this was accompanied by the keyboard raffle, pipe sponsorship, a video introducing the organ and of course delicious cakes, tea, coffee and cappuccino.

Richard succeeded in making what can be a difficult to understand subject (the workings of a pipe organ) both understandable and interesting.  He explained what had been done in the first phase of the refurbishment work which concentrated on upgrading the console action, and at the end of his talk he encouraged people to come and see the console action for themselves.  We soon had a crowd of very curious people standing and sitting around the console peering inside and asking eager questions.

In the hall we had Dan & the Magic Musician video playing, this was switched off at noon when Jacob and James each played the organ to round off the morning with more music for a very appreciative audience.

During the morning we collected more pipe sponsorships totalling £170.   Refreshments, raffle, donations and gift aid totalled £285.93, making a total of £455.93 raised for the organ fund.

I would particularly like to thank Richard, James and Jacob for their time and skills, David S for organising us, Dave K for videoing, Dai, Marian, Kieran, Shirley, Fiona, Jean, Lesley and Nina for all their help with setting up, refreshments, raffle etc and Sylvia who had collected all the raffle prizes.  The team work and fellowship of this and so many of our parish events is inspiring.