Well we managed to get through the Lent Cantata today despite some of us feeling (after all the rehearsals) a little unsure of some parts.  It seemed to be appreciated by those who came to listen. It was done in a devotional way and the choir was arranged on either side of the font in its new, central position at the back of the church, so we were in a formation very similar to traditional choir stalls, although all the sopranos were on one side, faced by the altos, tenors and bases.

Andrew had two places to conduct from, because for some sections he was conducting the listening congregation for the joint hymns, so stood near the altar rail for those bits, and much closer to the choir for the rest.  James did a great job on the organ accompanying the singing.  The male soloists (Peter, Matthew and David) had a lot of singing to do, the females (Jude, Jenny and myself) had much less (I had all of 5 notes: maid 2, and was relieved that I pitched them right).  Jude's solo (backing by the choir) is one of the best bits in the whole piece.

Now we can concentrate on the Holy week singing (Thursday, Friday and Easter Day) and for those of us rehearsing for Spem, more time focussing on that, now that we've done the Lent Cantata for this year.