We've sold about 150 vouchers already, and with 3 weeks to go we are hoping the concert will be a sell-out. Don't assume that you can turn up on the evening without a voucher - you might not get in, so please, to avoid disappointment, get your voucher as soon as possible.

We had another fruitful rehearsal on Monday evening, and have two more lined up for next Sunday and Monday, as well as some in early June. Some choirs have managed to rehearse together at other times which is great (Spem Choir 4 would have rehearsed with Choir 3 on Sunday if our practice hadn't clashed with the OU choir guest extras rehearsal for the big OU 40th Anniversary concert).  Spem in Alium promises to be a great concert at St Mary & St Giles, and looks to be one of the big highlights of our fund-raising efforts this year.  Don't miss it.