Nina has a beautiful garden which she and her late husband Bernard created from a jungle over a 7 year period. Before he died last year Bernard wanted to give a garden party for the organ fund and Nina was determined to realise his wish. The date was set for 24th June, and we just had to hope that the soggy June weather wouldn't spoil the day.

When I arrived (from a weekend away) to join the fun after the first hour, it was clear that the garden party was already a roaring success. There was a bumper collection of cakes, flapjacks and scones to choose from and a busy team of people serving tea, cake and squash behind the rose arch, while people relaxed and chatted in groups all over the lawn. Such a happy atmosphere, not spoiled at all by the occasional short showers of rain which came down during the first hour.

Nina was delighted with the total of £305.44 from the Garden Party for the organ fund, a fitting tribute to the memory of Bernard and the wonderful garden he and Nina created together.  I'd like to thank the great team of people who transported tables and chairs from the parish hall, helped set everything out, served refreshments, washed up, counted the cash and transported the furniture back where it came from afterwards.  All I did was take photos to celebrate their efforts.