Today Ian Facer and Julia Benham ran a Brass workshop as part of our fourth Musical Bite winter coffee morning. The workshop was open to all brass players regardless of their age or ability, so we had real beginners and some very experienced players turn up at 9 am in preparation for the 9.30 am start (15 players in all).

Ian had arranged music especially and in some cases they were sight reading the pieces (the players had booked places and had been emailed with music information but not all had managed to look at the music beforehand). There was a noticable improvement in their confidence as the morning progressed.

The wet miserable weather wiping away the last traces of snow meant that during the first hour not many people came in for refreshments during the workshop, but later in the morning when the rain stopped more people arrived and provided the musicians with an audience (about 40 people).

As well as the ensemble pieces played at 11.45 am for the audience, Ian and Julia played three pieces on trumpet and piano which was a real treat.  It was wonderful to have our new piano played in a public performance only two days after its arrival in the church.

We knew that this musical bite would not raise as much as the huge choral workshop had done during December, however we were delighted that another £256.00 was raised towards paying off the loan on the baby Grand Piano.

Once again I would like to thank everyone who made today's event possible - David S for co-ordinating it, Ian and Julia for running the workshop, all the brass players who participated so enthusiastically, all the organ fund group for helping with arrangements beforehand and on the day, our wonderful team who served refreshments and Fr Ross for his continued encouragement.

I did take some photos today, and tried some video, but my camera battery was running low, so for the moment I'm only publishing the photos of the event as  I haven't yet reviewed the video files which were filmed in short bursts.