We had several people perform during the morning to our coffee morning audience on 8th December, covering a wide spectrum of ages and several different instruments.  One of the musicians wasn't well, but still turned up to play with the others in the string quartet, showing real musical dedication, and I hope she gets better soon.

Angie and Angela sang, accompanied by Doreen on the piano, who also played solos.  Milton Keynes Music Service string quintet performed the first half of a piece they have been rehearsing this term, then Eleanor and Rosie played their violins together and Eleanor played the piano.  Shirley and David entertained us with a piano and tuba duet, followed by piano, flute, clarinet and cornet solos and duets by the Hindley children, who had played at the Orphean Singers concert (and their mum played the piano).  Jacob played the piano as well.

I would like to thank everyone who played an instrument or sang - your talent shone through.  And thank you to the refreshment team and to Jane who sold raffle tickets. We raised £148 for the organ fund in the 2 hours, which was a brilliant result.