We had 7 apprentices today - all keen and eager to play with St Mary & St Giles band for the morning. One violinist, one flautist, one clarinettist, one alto saxophonist, one guitarist, one pianist and one cornet player.  Later we were also joined by my younger daughter playing hand-held percussion instruments.  The pianist had the treat of playing our baby Grand Piano, whilst Dave K played his keyboard.

A dull, rainy cold day unfortunately meant that few people were out and about in Stony Stratford High Street, so we didn't get many people coming for a cuppa and cakes, however the extended band enthusiastically consumed refreshments at break time, which we served in the new hall.  It was too cold to have the hall doors or the High street door open to entice people in for a mid morning beverage, and when people came into the church expecting to see tables and chairs at the back of the nave we had to tell them about finding them in the hall (we did have some signs up).  Some commented in the hall that they wanted to sit and drink their tea whilst listening, so they went back into the church, although having tables in the hall did mean that people could converse comfortably.

Hazel sold a few plants, we ran the organ key raffle inside the main entrance whilst the band rehearsed and performed in its usual place at the top of the nave.  Lesley had selected 3 pieces band members already knew, and had 3 new pieces for all of us to sight read.

Our programme was:

  • Andante from Symphony No 75 by Haydn
  • My God Loves me
  • Imagine by John Lennon

and the new pieces were

  • (meet) The Flintstones by Williams Hanna and Hoyt Curtin
  • The Lion Sleeps tonight by George David Weiss, Hugo Peretti & Luigi Creatore
  • Rule Britannia by Thomas Arne

I'm pleased to report that sight reading went well and at 12 noon we were able to give a reasonable performance of all 6 pieces to a small but appreciative audience.

We raised £189.01 for the organ fund (which includes the float which Dai donated - thank you Dai).  I would like to thank  all the people who helped to make today's Musical Bite a success despite the low turnout of passing people in need of sustenance, particularly Dai, Dave, Kieran, Sylvia, Marian, Fiona, Hazel, May and Nina but most importantly the band for welcoming our new temporary members and Lesley without whom this event simply would not have been possible.

Lesley says that at least 2 of the musicians who joined us today would like to join the band more regularly and another 3 will if they can rearrange their Wednesday evenings, which is great news.