Our second Thursday lunchtime concert of 2021 was eagerly anticipated. Joe Laredo has featured in TT@TTs several times in years past and he very kindly recorded a selection of piano solos for a series entitled ‘A Little Night Music’, which was broadcast on our YouTube channel from January to June this year. These were much appreciated by so many as the long wait continued for live music to return.

Today we heard ‘A Little Light Music’ on the Theme of Love – 15 pieces for solo piano by various composers including Edward Elgar, Cecile Chaminade, Modest Mussorgsky, Malcolm Arnold, Erik Satie and Gladys Wood to name just a few. Joe’s entertaining and informative programme notes enlightened the audience and enhanced the appreciation of the music. The playing of all the pieces in under an hour was a challenge with so many key changes, moods and styles, but he gave us such a variety of sound and interpretation that the whole concert was a delight.

We are much indebted to Joe for his dedication and thoughtfulness in bringing so much music to life (and to light) for the benefit of so many. We look forward to the next time…..

Thank you for the donations of £88.82 for the Willis Organ Maintenance Fund.