At 3pm on Saturday afternoon Dai, Dave and I were back at the church to welcome the Linsdale Singers to their rehearsal.  We stayed to listen and prepare for the concert, and I took some photos as unfortunately I had to miss most of their concert because the band was playing in Pottersbury (it was a night of clashes, there was also a concert in Cosgrove, at this time of year it is hard to avoid clashing events).  They made good use of the galleries for their concert, because Dennis had sung in the OU Choir concert in April 2010 which had utilised the galleries for singing and he wanted to try the surround sound high gallery effect.  They sang the Matin Responsory from the front galleries then processed along to gather at the back gallery during 'Come thou redeemer of the earth'.

The concert programme: Linsdale_Stony_Stratford_8 Dec 12_programme

(please note this PDF is in A4 printing order as it was an A5 booklet)

The first half of the concert was Advent music and the second half was music anticipating Christmas, including the first performance of a piece Dennis had written for choir and organ, called 'Christ is born!' which was very well received.  I had managed to arrive while everyone was singing 'Of the Father's heart begotten', so was pleased to hear the new piece in concert, I'd heard it during the afternoon.

Dai, Jan, Jenny and Ray did a brilliant job managing front of house and we raised £109.46 from the interval refreshments.  The singers handled the programme sales and plan to tell us the total raised for the organ fund from this soon, I will update this post with the details.

UPDATE:  Due to a very generous pipe sponsorship and programme sales for this concert the total raised for the organ fund was £789.46, which is wonderful!

I would like to thank Dennis Pim, Paul Daggett (organ) and the Linsdale singers for giving this concert for the organ fund.  I hope we can arrange a date for them to return, as they made wonderful use of the acoustics and chose such interesting arrangements to sing.