On the Third Thursday at Twelve Thirty every month there’s a free 45 minute session of fun for all ages, with live music (often from young people), good company and refreshments on tap - bring your lunch, relax and enjoy.

Third Thursday concerts offer a varied programme of live music from local performers, including SMSG Church Band and Handbell Ringers, school groups, music students and amateur musicians. We have also been fortunate to have some professional musicians who have played for us and given their time for free. We often feature our primary school groups and children often make up a large proportion of our audience. Concerts are free but small donations to the organ fund for the maintenance of our restored Fr Willis Organ are much appreciated.

Third Thursday concerts enable first time, novice and amateur performers to make music in a relaxed atmosphere, with a kind acoustic and an appreciative and encouraging audience.

These concerts have been a feature of our music making at St Mary and St Giles Church since 2007. All the concerts last 45 minutes and you are welcome to bring your sandwiches and spend all or some of your lunch-break with us. Tea/coffee/juice and biscuits are served throughout and we encourage you to refill your cups as often as you like.

Watch out for the orange posters around the town or let us know if you would like to join our emailing list. Everyone is welcome – from babies to great-grandparents – and there is easy access for people with disabilities or buggies via the Parish Hall in Church Street.

Want to join in and have a go?

We book a rolling programme about three months ahead and we welcome new performers. Come and see what goes on and maybe stay for a chat to discuss performing yourself – or get in touch with the organiser Lesley Salter via the contact form.

Join our monthly events notification emailing list by filling in the Contact form or send an email to events@musicforallsmsg.org

2018 Season 5 of Third Thursday @ Twelve Thirty

18th January – Mklele – Ukulele Band

15th February – Rosie Page and Friends, Girl Guide performers

15th March - Fadin’ Shoes, Guitar & Vocals Ensemble

19th April – SMSG Church Handbell Ringers, featuring SMSG School Belleplates Team

17th May – Geoffrey Allan Taylor & Valerie Kirby-Ashmore, Piano and Violin

21st June – SMSG School Singers

19th July – The Orpheans Singers

16th August – Smith & Cons Ukulele Duo + Peter Eales, Tenor

20th September – SMSG Church Band, featuring SMSG School Orchestra

18th October – Joe Laredo, Pianist

15th November – Playpals, U3A Instrumental Group

20th December – Mklele – Ukulele Band

2017 season of Third Thursday @ Twelve Thirty

to be updated

2016 season of Third Thursday @ Twelve Thirty

21st January 2016: SMSG Church band

18th February 2016: Jacob Collins and Friends played Violin, Saxophone, Guitar and Piano

to be updated

2015 season of Third Thursday @ Twelve Thirty

15th January 2015: local musicians James Jarvis (cello) and Helen Rouse (piano)

19th February 2015: Kirsty Morris Selley (local instrument and singing teacher) entertains with some of her pupils

19th March 2015: The Orphean Singers (conducted by Kath Hindley) sing choral gems with Joe Laredo and Dave King piano duet

16th April 2015: Hilary O'Donoghue's singing pupils give an exciting showcase

21st May 2015: SMSG Church band, featuring SMSG Junior School orchestra

18th June 2015: Primary Pupils' Performance

16th July 2015: SMSG Church Handbell Ringers, featuring SMSG School Handbell Teams

20th August 2015: Local pianist Joe Laredo entertains, also featuring Jacob Collins

17th September 2015: SMSG Church Band, featuring SMSG School Orchestra

15th October 2015: Jacob's Jamboree

19th November 2015: SMSG Church Band, featuring SMSG School Orchestra

17th December 2015: SMSG Church Handbell Ringers, featuring SMSG School Handbell Teams