Attracting audiences/ticket sales

Groups hiring the venue must arrange their own publicity and ticketing and provide their own programmes. We ask that you promote Music for All @ SMSG in your publicity materials, using resources our Publicity Officer will provide.

Music for All @ SMSG will advertise events on our website and on poster displays outside the church.

See our guidance about what you need to do so we can help you publicise your event at St Mary & St Giles.

Publicity guidance for other event organisers

Arrangements on the day

Our volunteer Events Manager ensures that each Event has a nominated Event Leader in attendance before, during and after an event.

Our nominated Event Leader will make arrangements with you to:

  • Open up at agreed times for rehearsal and concert
  • Arrange for seating adjustments as agreed and return seating after concert
  • Familiarise you with lighting control and sound equipment
  • Organise heating as appropriate
  • Agree any other requirements