Music for All @ SMSG takes responsibility for the future maintenance of the music facilities and also contributes to church running costs and restoration projects, which together cost many thousands of pounds a year. We therefore ask for a proportionate contribution from our users, based on the size and nature of each event, so as to continue to support a significant calendar of events throughout the year.

There are a number of ways that fees can be negotiated, according to the type and purpose of event you are promoting; please contact us to discuss details.

If you would like to hold a concert or recital here, please contact our volunteer Events Manager who will arrange for you to be supported as you put on your event in this unique historic venue for classical music.

Music for All @ SMSG Events Manager:

Music for All @ SMSG Venue brochure March 2016

Music for All @ SMSG Hire as a Music Venue 2021

Music for all @ SMSG interior layout April 2016

Music for All @ SMSG location map May 2015