Sands Cryers

Sands Cryers

The Sands Cryers put their hearts into their concert of music from Renaissance times in St Mary & St Giles Church on Saturday evening. They sang entirely unaccompanied (except by a drum beat and a guitar representing a lute for some pieces) for the whole concert.

The choir, which has only existed since 2010, specialise in early choral music (before the age of operatic voices) sung in full costume of the era. One 14th Century piece by John of Exeter is not often performed, and Jerry Breslin made an arrangement for the choir after discovering the manuscript in an archive.

Their programme was as follows:


  • Gaudete - Traditional 16th C (they processed in while singing this piece)
  • If Ye Love me - Thomas Tallis
  • Drop, Drop, Slow tears - Orlando Gibbons


  • Matona, Mia Cara - Orlando de Lasso
  • Belle Qui Tient Ma Vie – Thoinot Arbeau
  • Dindirin, Dindirin – Anon

Old Soul

  • Kyrie – John of Exeter (14th C, arr Jerry Breslin)
  • There is No Rose – Anon


  • Sleep, Wayward Thoughts – John Dowland (soloist Patsy Cooke)
  • Now, O Now, I needs must part – John Dowland (soloist Avril Morris)

English Heart

  • Hard times of Old England – Anon, arr Breslin
  • Sellinger’s Round – William Byrd
  • John Barleycorn – Anon, arr Breslin
  • London Cryes – Orlando Gibbons (they acted this one out, to depict a London market)

Interval (Refreshments and Raffle)


  • A Sound of Angels – Christopher Tye
  • Lieto Godea – Giovanni Gabrieli
  • O Vos Omnes – Tomas Luis de Victoria

Heart and Soul

  • Farewell, Dear Love – Robert Jones
  • Now is the Month of Maying – Thomas Morley
  • Say Love if ever thou didst find – John Dowland


  • Rest, sweet Nymphs – Francis Pilkington
  • The Silver Swan – Orlando Gibbons
  • April is in My Mistress’ Face – Thomas Morley


  • Come, Sirrah Jack, Ho! – Thomas Weelkes
  • Come Again! – John Dowland
  • Fair Phyllis – John Farmer
  • Gaudete - Traditional 16th C (they processed out while reprising this piece)

Over 50 people enjoyed a warm hearted evening of song. Lydia, Marian, Jan and Dai did a great job running front of house and clearing up afterwards (when David joined us to help) and we raised a magnificent £559 for the organ fund. I would especially like to thank Jerry Breslin and all members of the Sands Cryers for giving this concert to the organ fund.

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