Since the Willis Pipe Organ Organ appeal started in 2006 we have had a website and later in 2009 when it became clear we needed to have online reports of our fundraising events we started a separate blog (the website was an older design which was created before blogs became mainstream). So we’ve operated for several years with two websites for the organ appeal, which is not ideal.

When the Heritage Lottery Fund gave us a substantial grant for the 3 year project to restore the organ and create a music events and education programme at St Mary and St Giles we knew we needed a new website which could provide all the essential information about the organ, Music for all @ SMSG events (including online bookings for selected events) and the new learning programme. You can now find the new website at

We are in the process of transferring over all the information from the organ appeal website to the new music for all website, amending URLs in blog posts and redirecting web traffic to the new site, so eventually both the old site and the old blog will be closed down.  The blog posts are already on the new site, plus a lot of information about events.

Please visit our new Music for all @ SMSG website and continue to support our historic Willis pipe organ and musical activities at St Mary and St Giles Church.

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