SMSG Church Band

We give concerts throughout the year in our Parish Church and play for other events such as Calverton Fete, Stony Stratford Christmas Lights Day, Potterspury UR Church Christmas Concerts, Bletchley Bandstand, entertainment in Retirement Complexes and Care Homes, as well as occasionally accompanying Sunday worship. We are called a ‘Band’, not because of the particular instruments we play, but simply because we do not fit into the usual categories for a group of people playing together! We are a band of happy people covering a wide age-range who enjoy sharing our music with each other and our audiences. We have string, brass, wind and piano players and although the Band was started by SMSG Church members, over the years many from the locality have come to join us.

Our fundraising concerts are usually for the Pipe Organ Fund and the Church Fabric Fund. Our concerts are listed on this website. However, we are happy to help with fundraising and events further afield either by giving a concert or being 'background music' for fetes, open days and bazaars. We have also played for several Eucharist services in the Parish Church when an organist hasn’t been available. We do not charge for membership or performing, but we always welcome donations towards the care of our church and its organ.

The Band always welcomes new members of about Grade 3 or above. We practise on Thursday evenings from 7.15 to 8.30pm in All Saints Church, Calverton. Want to join in and have a go? Want to find out more? Please complete the contact form or contact Lesley on 07789 898847.

Tea Dance on Tour? We’d love to play for you ….

St Mary and St Giles Church Band has been hosting Tea Dances for a few years now. Many dancers have come and enjoyed a variety of sequence and ballroom dances to live music and relaxed with an interval tea, recharging themselves for a second dance session. Many non-dancers have come to enjoy watching and sharing the social occasion too! If you would like SMSG Band to play for your Tea Dance (or any other event) please contact us or email Lesley at We will help you have a memorable and fun occasion.

Background to the band

St Mary and St Giles Church Band was founded in 2000 from a small group of enthusiastic mostly adult players in the parish who were inspired by the parish children playing their instruments at the annual Autumn Concert, and had its debut at the Autumn Concert of 2001. It draws its origins from our Nativity Plays in the early 1990s when the children accompanied the carols sung by the congregation. Some of those ‘children’ became part of our Band.

It is an enthusiastic amateur group which has grown from the original small gathering of instrumentalists to the ensemble it is today and has built up quite a wide repertoire of music. We are called a 'band' simply because we do not fit into any particular category and are a 'happy band of players'.

Our membership has ranged from 11 to 80+ years and many of our young members have continued to play well into their adult years, some earning their living from their playing. Gradually more young people have joined, together with adults, giving us a full age range and a 'family' quality. We are delighted that we can learn from each other and have people with us who have returned to playing their instrument after a break of many years.

We are fortunate to have many musically talented people both in our Parish Family and in the wider community who enjoy playing in the Band. We come together because we enjoy making music together, both sacred and secular. There is a great emphasis on fun and sharing our music for the enjoyment of others.