Ray and Jenny Rowlson gave a very interesting illustrated talk on their 2010 trip to the Holy Land in the church hall today for the organ fund. The word had got around very successfully and Dai and Dave found themselves putting out a few more chairs in the hall (49 people attended) as it filled up at 10.30 am. Some people had a cup of tea or coffee when they arrived, most had their refreshments at the interval.

Ray is a photographer (before he retired he specialised in Wedding photography, with Jenny as his able assistant) so the photos in his slide-show were very high quality (unlike the ones in this blog!).  They were on an organised group tour from the Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire area and travelled all around the Holy Land visiting many historic and ancient sites, whilst encountering some of the modern tensions and contradictions of the Israel/Palestine situation.

At the interval we were besieged by thirsty and hungry people, the various cakes I and Fiona K had baked depleted fairly rapidly, and Marian kept the washing up going in the background as empty cups came back.  Sylvia ran the raffle, which we drew at the end after I had thanked Ray (who had done all the talking) and Jenny (who had helped serve refreshments) for a fascinating insight into their journey.

We raised a total of £163.20 for the organ fund at this event.  I would like to thank everyone who helped make it so successful, including those who helped with washing up afterwards.

Our next event is the Tea Dance on 10th April in Pottersbury village hall, with music supplied by the band.  It promises to be a fun musical event, only a few tickets remain available.